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Mount the barrel with the stopper and turn the tap on. After the tap is closed it will drip about three times and stop, do not tighten too much so as not to burst the thread of the faucet.

Rinse with clean water until clear the excess of scraps, sparks of wood ….

Add water up to 20% of the barrel. On each day put another 20% until the maximum capacity, so leave more or less 15 to 20 days, this is to give a pre tanned in the barrel.

Picture of an aged oak barrel


It is very normal to have small leaks and soil at some point, just add water for a few days, leaks can occur up to 15 days. THE BARREL WILL AUTOMATICALLY SEAL. The wood is virgin and this is part of the maturing process of the barrel, so after 20 days just remove the water and put the beverage of your choice.

NOTE: Some barrels may have black pieces but this is normal because it comes from the origin of the wood.

NOTE: This manual works for Barrels and Dornas also.

Picture of a barrel