///Cachaça dos Inconfidentes Havana Farm

Cachaça dos Inconfidentes Havana Farm

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The cachaca of the inconfidentes is produced in the municipality of salinas, a very special harvest, in the farm of cachaca havana.

The origin and the surname of the producer are beautiful credentials. Produced in Salinas, the cachaça of the inconfidentes is made by Santiago, cousin of Anísio Santiago, creator of the famous Havana cachaça. Before being packaged in traditional beer bottles, it is aged for 6 years in balsam casks, which gives it a soft color, and a slightly spicy taste, typical of salinas brandy. The golden color, the balanced acidity, the fruity flavor and the bouquet of field and grass flowers make the difference. Excellent in general harmony.

The Cachaça of the Inconfidentes the infidels to the King

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Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions10 x 10 x 27 cm

Salinas / Minas Gerais




6 years

Alcoholic Graduation