///Cachaça Lenda Mineira Ouro

Cachaça Lenda Mineira Ouro

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The Cachaça Lenda Mineira Ouro is produced in Minas Gerais, a region known for producing artisanal cachaça, or alembic, with excellent quality.

The Cachaça Lenda Mineira is produced in own and exclusive facilities, specially built for the production of cachaça. All equipment is modern, hygienic and approved by the competent authorities.

Aging is done in amburana´s vats where the Cachaça Lenda Mineira rests for a period of 24 months.

The Lenda Mineira line of products are holders of the seal AMPAQ – Association of Quality Cachaça Producers and certificate of origin and quality, conferred by the government of Minas Gerais.

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Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions10 x 10 x 27 cm

Tarumirim / Minas Gerais




2 years

Alcoholic Content



700 ml