///Cachaça Serra Morena Ouro 4 years

Cachaça Serra Morena Ouro 4 years

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The Cachaça Serra Morena was born from the idea of uniting the tradition of farms from Minas Gerais with the new product concept for the global economy, in which prevail the high level of demand and the strict international quality standards. The experience of several years of its founder, who always gave priority to total quality, was instrumental in the realization of this project.

The manufacture of Cachaça Sierra Morena is handmade and its production process strives for product excellence in order to generate a smooth taste of cachaça and unmistakable aroma. The concept of quality starts to be applied to the planting of sugarcane with the supervision of an agronomist.
The use of traditional copper stills guarantees the purity and alcohol content, ideal for a high level of distillate, which make Cachaça Serra Morena to be known, appreciated and savored throughout Brazil and worldwide.

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Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions10 x 10 x 27 cm

Belo Valo / Minas Gerais


Oak and Jequitibá


2 years in Oak and 2 years in Jequitibá

Alcoholic Content



700 ml